Be Excellent to Each Other

I've seen Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure oh, about three dozen times. Long story - it has to do with finals week my junior year of college and a dollar theater (remember dollar theaters?)

You may recall that Bill & Ted became messiahs through rock and roll and the simple message of "Be Excellent to Each Other".

You know, we are all in this together. And the gospel of "be excellent to each other" is as pertinent now as when Keanu Reeves first debuted on the big screen. Kinda gives a new meaning to the term "cult classic", doesn't it?

MEDIUM 23.5" wide x 10.25" high

Material Details:
Cut from sturdy, carpenter-grade 1/4" birch plywood and hand-painted with NO VOC paint.

Drilled with two leveled holes for easy hanging. It ships with two aluminum-topped push pins.

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