HoHoHo Magnet Set

Make a favorite photo shine and your cash register ring with our coordinated Tiny Word Magnet sets. One Tiny Word Magnet, three color coordinated functional dot magnets = one super cute photo display!  

Choose a color story from our themed color schemes and we’ll do the rest! Tiny Word Magnet Sets will contain four randomly assorted colors from within the color family you select.

Material Details:
Tiny Word Magnets are approx. 5” long and 1” tall and are cut from a sturdy, carpenter-grade 1/4” birch plywood.

Painted Dot Magnets have a diameter of .75” and are cut from a carpenter-grade 1/8” birch plywood.

All magnets are hand painted in our studio in South Dakota.

Priced and sold as a packaged set of one Tiny Word and three small Dot Magnets. 

Color Stories
Christmas Bright
Christmas Traditional
Elegant Neutrals
Pretty Pastels
Earthy Home
Everyday Brights
Kids of All Ages

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